CFA Fencers earn new ratings at the W&M Tourney!

CFA had some great results from the W&M tourney this past weekend. This was one of the larger Open tourneys so far this season, and I was very happy to see a strong CFA turnout for the event. Saturday was our standout day, claiming 4 medals over the saber and foil events. Grayson also had some strong bouts before running into the winner of the event, Seth Daily in the 32. On the epee on Sunday, our fencers had a very strong day as well, with Chandler Hamilton, Rosie Purvis and Dustin Salz having some very strong wins and finishes overall.

Matt Steppan: Gold, Open Saber and earning a C13
Doug Daniels: Silver, Open Saber
Nathaniel Sides: Bronze, Open Foil and earning his C13
Steven Pressendo: Bronze, Open Saber and earning his E13

Congrats to all of our fencers who came out to represent CFA. You make us proud!

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