Membership & Fees

The fees below are current as of the 2012-2013 season (August 1, 2012 through July 31, 2013). More detailed information on each service is available by clicking on the links below. Fees may be paid by cash, check (insufficient funds will incur a $35 processing fee) or most credit cards (there is a 4% charge for credit card payments to cover processing costs). Membership payments are due on the first of the month at the beginning of the quarter.

For those just starting out…
Beginner classes, for those have never fenced before, are offered over eight weeks several times each year. Each class meets for one hour once per week. Beginner classes are for both children and adults. Beginners will learn all basic footwork, basic bladework, and be introduced to tactics, strategy and competitive electric fencing.  All gear is provided by CFA, but participants often choose to purchase an introductory package that includes mask, jacket, sword and glove.

Beginner’s Class                                             $175
Basic equipment package (optional)               $195

Membership includes open fencing, use of our facilities, access to private lessons, group classes and armoring services at additional cost. Membership is discounted by 50% for additional family members.

Quarterly                                                         $150

Group Classes (unlimited)
All group classes (all levels in all weapons) are availble to Members for a single quarterly fee. You are welcome to take as many or as few group classes as you wish.

Quarterly                                                        $105

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available to members and are provided by all of our coaches. Lessons should be scheduled with the individual coach. Discounts are available for packages of 4 or 8 lessons.

8 lesson pack                                                $175
4 lesson pack                                                $89
Single lessons                                               $25

Home School Program

3 month                                                         $150

School Clubs and Teams (2012-2013 rates)

3 month (w/membership)                              $45
3 month (w/o membership)                           $150

Tournament Coaching: Many of our competitive fencers prefer to have a coach with them at important events to provide warm up lessons and strip coaching.

Lesson/strip per event                                   $50
Travel expenses                                            Variable

Equipment (costs approximate for guidance)
Our Pro shop offers a wide selection of recreational and competitive fencing gear. In addition, custom orders can be placed for any gear not stocked. Prices are comparable to those charged directly by vendors. Due to potential safety concerns, we DO NOT RECOMMEND purchasing outside of established vendors (e.g. Ebay, Craigslist).

Weapon (assembled)                                   $50 – $150
Mask                                                             $60 – $270
Jacket                                                           $75 – $355
Lame                                                            $75 – $285
Pants                                                            $45 – $220
Shoes                                                           $75 – $245
Body cords                                                   $14 – $55

Note that the low-end pricing still provides safe, effective equipment. The high-end pricing is for national and international competitors that need the very highest standards of equipment.

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