Beginner’s Class

Our beginners classes are for those who are new to the sport as well as those who have not fenced in a long time and want a refresher. The classes are taught by the CFA coaching staff. Basics of fencing footwork, bladework, tactics and strategy are taught. Over the course of the beginner’s class, we will get the student used to the motions of fencing, and start to strengthen the legs and upper body with targeted exercise. This also provides both cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise. By the end of the course the student will be able to fence safely and will be ready for more intermediate level lessons. After this class the fencer moves to the intermediate level of classes, and private lessons are also available to members. Please speak with CFA staff if you have additional questions.

Upcoming and Current classes:
Our beginners class runs 8 weeks (1 night per week) and is for anyone ages 8 and up. Our next round of classes will begin with a standard beginners class on Thursday, August 6th. We generally offer 3 types of beginners class throughout the year:

  • Standard Beginners Class – designed for anyone age 8+. A great way to explore fencing, learn the basics, and get a quality, fun, workout.
  • Youth and Families Beginners Class – designed especially for families who want to spend quality time together and youth fencers. Anyone age 8+ is welcome in this class.
  • Teens and Adults Beginners Class – designed for anyone age 16+. Spend time with your friend or partner, meet new people, and get a great work out all at once.

Beginner’s Class Costs are currently $175 per person for the 8 week session. This cost includes use of club-owned USFA approved fencing gear (required) during the class. Students should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes, long pants and athletic shoes. If desired, a personal set of gear (beginner’s kit) can be purchased through the club (this is in addition to the cost of the class). The kit consists of a mask, jacket, glove, and sword. You can, of course, also purchase gear from another fencing equipment vendor. However, we recommend purchase though our club to ensure you are properly fitted for the safety equipment and that it meets current USFA standards. If you are interested in purchasing your own gear, just ask your coach for more information.

Registration forms and waivers may be found below and prepared before the first day of class:
CFA Registration Form

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