Forms & Documents

Below you will find a general list of commonly used CFA forms as well as some helpful documents to aid you in exploring the sport!

General Registration Form and Waiver
You will need to fill out these two forms prior to fencing with the club or taking a class with us.
CFA Registration Form

Summer Camp Registration Form
This is our Summer Camp Registration form. Parents will need to fill out a waiver as well on the first day of class. CFA Summer 2013 Registration Forms

Tournament Fencing FAQ
CFA membership brochure 12-5-2012This handout will explain the most common questions parents and fencers have about how fencing tournaments work. You will probably have more questions buy the time you get to the end of the FAQ than when you started, but at least they will be different questions! 🙂 In all seriousness, please feel free to contact any of our coaches for a more detailed explanation of anything relating fencing and events. It can be a complicated sport!

CFA Flyer 2013
Below you will find our standard Flyer with hours, rates and coaches. It can be a handy reference to have any time!TOURNAMENT FAQs

Fencing Checklists
Below you will find a helpful checklist for all three weapons of all the things you need to fencing a local tourney or a national one. Don’t be that person who shows up to an event without their jacket or lame! Use the handy checklists to make sure you have everything you need. They are in DOC format so that you can tailor them to your specific needs if you like.
Foil Fencing Checklist
Saber Fencing Checklist
Epee Fencing Checklist

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