Competitive Fencing

Fencing is by it’s nature a competitive sport. Consequently, most of out fencers compete in tournaments. It’s great fun, good exercise and provide a way to evaluate your progress. Local, friendly tournaments are offered at CFA and nearby clubs in Virginia throughout the year.

Beyond recreational competitions, a subset of our fencers of our members compete throughout the country and internationally. While these fencers participate in CFA much as any other members, their needs differ substantially. Further most of our competitive fencers are youth fencers. Consequently, we have developed guidelines for Competitive Youth fencers.

Typically, to become successful in Youth Competitions at the National level, our youth fencers will

– participate in two group classes each week
– take 2 private lessons each week
– have purchased gear to higher safetuy and performance standards than introductory gear
– particiapte in at least 10-20 regional and 2-5 National tournamnets each year.

If you are the parent of a prospective competitive youth fencer, you sould weigh carefully the benifits, costs and liklihoods of your child striving for national recognition.

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