Current Winter 2014 schedule for club open fencing and classes is below. Exceptions are noted on the blog section of the home page as needed. Note that school team practices are not specified in this schedule, but take place in the afternoon.

Monday: Open 5:30-10pm
Beginners Class 1 (youth & family): 6-7pm (New class starting April 14th!)
Intermediate 6-7:30pm
Advanced 7-8:30pm
Open fencing 7-10pm

Tuesday  CFA’s Shenandoah Valley fencing programs at Waynesboro YMCA!
Home School Fencing 2:30-4pm (starts April 15)
Community Beginners Classes 6-7:30pm (New classes start April 15th)

Wednesday: Open 5-10pm
School Teams Class: 3:30-5:30pm
Private lessons and individual training: 5-6pm
Intermediate (C1) 6-7:30pm
Advanced (C2) 7-8:30pm
Open fencing 6-10pm

Thursday: Open 5:30-10pm
Beginners Class (adult): 6-7pm (New class starting April 17th)
Epee Class 6-7:30pm
Elite Competitive (C3) 7-8:30pm
Open fencing 6-10pm

Friday  Chatham Hall Fencing Club (satellite program).

Saturday closed

Sunday: Open 2-5pm
Saber class 2-3pm
Open fencing 2-5pm (all intermediate and above fencers encouraged to attend)

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