New Beginners Class Starting November 6th!

We are happy to announce that our next round of beginners classes will start Thursday November 6th from 6-7pm and will run for 8 weeks. Our beginners classes are for those who are new to the sport as well as those who have not fenced in a long time and want a refresher. The classes are taught by the CFA coaching staff. Basics of fencing footwork, bladework, tactics and strategy are taught. Over the course of the beginner’s class, we will get the student used to the motions of fencing, and start to strengthen the legs and upper body with targeted exercise. This also provides both cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise. By the end of the course the student will be able to fence safely and will be ready for more intermediate level lessons. After this class the fencer moves to the intermediate level of classes.

Registration and waiver forms can be found at the links below. If you have any questions at all please contact a member of the CFA staff for details!

CFA Registration Form_PDF (1)

Historic results from the Junior Olympic Championship Qualifiers!

CFA Fencers have wonderful results at the JO quals!

Our fencers just plain rocked at the Junior Olympic Qualifiers and VA Cadet and Junior Championships for 2014! Grayson Katzenbach had an awesome weekend, as did Tristan Johnson among others!

Before we get into the results, I wanted to give a special shout-out to Nathaniel Sides who refereed and showed a level of professionalism and composure well beyond his years when a parent/spectator put on the worst display of poor sportsmanship I have ever seen at a VA event.

Read on for exact finishes, ratings earned and our qualifiers for the 2014 Junior Olympics!

Grayson Katzenbach: Gold: Junior Womens Foil, Gold: Junior Womens Epee and Bronze: Junior Womens Saber, qualifying for all three in JO’s and becoming this seasons Junior Champion for VA in Womens Foil and Womens Epee

Tristan Johnson: Gold: Junior Mens Epee and the 2014 VA Junior Mens Epee Champion! He also qualified Junior and Cadet for epee at the JO’s and going from a U to a C14!

Doug Daniels: Bronze Junior Mens Saber, qualifying for 2014 Junior Mens Saber

Nathaniel Lilly: Bronze, Junior Mens Saber

Max Freedman: Bronze, Junior Mens Epee

Congrats to all our fencers and referees, you make us proud!

CFA gives opponents something to be afraid of at the Halloween Open!

CFA fencers give the competition something to be frightened about at this Halloween Open!

We had a couple of great results from the HO this year, hosted by our friends at the William and Mary Fencing Team at their lovely campus in Williamsburg VA

For Open Saber Doug Daniels took gold in a dominant performance in the Mens Open, defeating all comers including a former Chinese National Team member! In so doing he avenged the loss of teammate Nathaniel Lilly who took Bronze and earned his D14!

We had several strong results in the Open Epee, including Matt Steppan’s very strong finish in 3rd place, earning his C14! Chandler Hamilton dominated pools and was top seed before going out to Tim Vincent 12-10 who went on to finish 2nd. Chandler also earned himself a new rating, finishing the event with an E14!

Grayson Katzenbach was our loan entrant in Open Foil, finishing just shy of the medal round, loosing by one touch to a B rated former division champion.

Congrats to all out CFA fencers, you make us proud!

Our fencers bring back multiple medals from the 2014 Division Championships!

Our fencers were out in force and fencing strong at one of the toughest events of the year, the 2014 Division Senior Championships! This year CFA hosted the event, so the venue was great! Our fencers earned medals in all events this year except Mens Foil this year, placing as follows:

Veronica Weser: Silver, Women’s Epee
Emily Brown: Silver, Women’s Saber
Emily Lien: Bronze, Womens Epee
Sarah Simmons: Bronze, Women’s Epee
Grayson Katzenbach: Bronze, Women’s Foil
Nathaniel Lilly: Bronze, Men’s Saber
Steven Pressendo: Bronze, Men’s Saber
Matt Olowin: Bronze, Men’s Epee

Congrats to all of our fencers and medalists. CFA fencers you make us proud!

CFA Fencers bring back the Gold from Summer National Qualifiers!

This past weekend the VA division held our Summer National Championship qualifiers, hosted by our friends at Richmond Fencing Club.

Our medalists from the tourney were:

Sarah Simmons: Gold, D2WE and updating to an E14!
Matt Stephen: Gold, D2MS
Nathaniel Lilly: Silver, D2MS
Steven Pressendo: Bronze, D2MS
Emily Brown: Bronze, D2WS
Grayson Katzenbach: Bronze, D2WF
Daniel Hothem: Bronze, D2MF and earning his E14!

Congrats to our medalists, our qualifiers to the National Championships and all our fencers who went.

CFA fencers bring home 7 medals from the Regional Youth Circuit event!

Our younger fencers were out in force and fencing well at this event, and having it on home turf did not hurt at all. This event was a good size for the region, with split mens and womens events in most weapons. Our medalists from this event were:

Michael Gett, 3rd Place Y12 Epee & 3rd Place Foil
Jared Knights, 3rd Place Y12 Foil
Tristan Johnson, 3rd Y14 Epee
Charlie Schuler, Bronze Y14 Foil
Ian Stasko, Bronze Y14 Saber
Paula Petersen, Bronze Y14 Foil

Congrats to our medalists and all our fencers who made it out, you make us proud! Also a huge thanks to our referees for getting the event knocked out in record time and to our concession stand volunteers for keeping everyone hydrated and fed!

Grayson and our Stauton Crew in the news!

Grayson Katzenbach and our Staunton HS and Beginners classes were great providing information and video to reporters from the Staunton News Leader. It is one of the better written local media articles I have seen, so be sure to check it out and the video as well! We are looking into a couple of other options in the valley and the surrounding areas so stay tuned for more CFA Satellite programs coming to the central and southern VA!

Gold and bronze come home from JMU!

Our fencers had a very strong showing at the JMU Open this past weekend:

Douglas Daniels: Gold, Open Saber
Steven Pressendo: Gold, D3 Saber
Nathaniel Lilly: Bronze, Open and D3 Saber
Veronica Wesser: Bronze, Open Epee
Daniel Hothem: Bronze, D3 Foil
Nathaniel Sides: Bronze, Open Foil

It is good to have our friends at JMU back in the tourney rotation. The more USFA events in Central VA the better! (did you notice the subtle hint to UVA Fencing) As always a huge congrats to our medalists and all of our fencers who came out and represented the club, you make us proud!

CFA Fencers excel at the Hangover Open!

The annual Hangover Open Tourney was both well attended and very strong this year. It was effectively at ROC levels (hint to the Division and USA Fencing) in both size and quality of fencing. Several of our fencers had exceptional results in a tough field:

Anya Michaelsen: Gold, Womens Foil and updating to a B14

Veronica Weser: Silver, Womens Epee and earning her C14

Douglas Daniels: Bronze, Mixed Saber

Nathaniel Lilly: Updating to an E14

Grayson Katzenbach also earned her stripes as a USA Fencing Rated Referee! Congrats to our medalists, our fencers who earned or updated ratings and a big thanks to everyone that came out to make a great event. CFA fencers you make us proud!

CFA qualifies multiple fencers to the Junior Olympics and adds new ratings at the Thanksgiving throwdown!

It has been a busy few weeks to say the lease, with back to back tournament weekends, just after the Opens at Tech and W&M. CFA fencers were up for the challenge however and had an excellent run at the Junior Olympic Qualifiers. Grayson Katzenbach dominated the Cadet Womens Foil event and fenced wonderfully in the Junior, taking a Gold and Bronze respectively. In the Junior Mens Foil Nathaniel Sides had a great run as well, taking 3rd place. For the saber, Douglas Daniels took silver in the Junior Mens event, and Steven Pressendo took a Bronze in the Junior and the Cadet. Emily Brown shined in the Womens Saber, earning a Bronze in the Junior event and auto qualifying for the Cadet based on her top 3 showing in Junior. Cierra Filla, Tristan Johnson, Chandler Hamilton, Sarah Simmons and Nathaniel Lilly also all turned in top 8 performances at the event.

This past weekend at the Thanksgiving Throwdown Ratings Rally hosted by our friends at RFC, our fencers once again had some wonderful results. Douglas Daniels crushed the Open Saber event, taking Gold and updating to a C13. Steven Pressendo had another very strong tourney showing taking a Bronze and earning his D13, only a few weeks after earning his E! In foil Jared Knight fenced great in the Y12 event, finishing in a strong 3rd place. Micheal Gett also finished in the top eight of the Y12 and Daniel Hothem placed in the top eight of the Open Foil.

Awesome fencing CFAers, you most definitely make us proud!