Private Lessons

Private lessons may be scheduled in advance with any coach. Private lessons are a very important part of fencing development for fencers who want to excel to their fullest potential. Along with group classes and open fencing, private lessons are one of the three pillars of fencing development.

Private lessons are tailored specifically to the student and focus directly on the skill set and fencing style of the student. Lessons can be low-intensity sessions designed to hone specific sets of technical actions, faster-paced “tactical” lessons recreating bout conditions or a combination of both.  Lessons usually run 20-30 minutes and can be purchased singly or in 4 or 8 packs.

 In addition to a medium to long term training tool, fencers sometimes use private lessons for:

Making up missed class
Working on a specific problem area

While private lessons are optional, they are highly recommended for competitive fencers. Typically our recreational fencers take one each week, while our highly competitive fencers take two lessons each week.

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