CFA qualifies 4 fencers to Junior Olympic Championships!

CFA fencers had a wonderful showing at the JO Qualifiers and Division Junior and Cadet Championships this weekend! The Junior Olympic Championships is the highest level Cadet and Junior event for US Fencing. To qualify ahead of all the other fencers in your division is an honor in and off itself. Getting to represent your club and your Division on the national stage is just the icing on the cake.

Nathaniel Lily, Silver Cadet Mens Saber. Qualifing for Cadet JO’s
Anya Michaelsen, Silver Junior Womens Foil. Qualifying for Cadet and Junior JO’s
Sarah Simmons, Bronze Junior Womens Epee. Qualifying for Cadet and Junior JO’s
Douglas Daniels, Bronze Junior Mens Saber. Qualifying for Cadet and Junior JO’s

Congrats to all our fencers that came out and represented CFA. You make us proud!

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