Coach David Littell Clinic at CFA July 27 & 28!

CFA is very pleased to be hosting Coach David Littell for a clinic geared towards both fencers and coaches. Coach Littell is a former Olympian and longtime NCAA coach for the Haverford fencing team. His adaption of the Hungarian System (moments to go), Alexander techniques and videos have been a very valuable resource for coaches and fencers of all levels over the years.

Coach Littells application of Alexander technique to fencing was a revelation to me when I first discovered it. His teachings have had a major impact both on my coaching and fencing since then. I recommend them for any fencer, regardless of weapon or competitive level. You will move better, longer, with less ques for the opponent and with less pain and risk of injury than you did before.

From a coaching standpoint, Coach Littell loves to work with other coaches to show them how to use these techniques to improve their fencers and integrate them into their existing lesson plans.

The cost for the clinic is $50 for CFA members, $75 for non-members. This is a don’t miss opportunity! Be sure to pre-register to ensure you have a slot. The FRED link is below:

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