CFA fencers bring home 7 medals from the Regional Youth Circuit event!

Our younger fencers were out in force and fencing well at this event, and having it on home turf did not hurt at all. This event was a good size for the region, with split mens and womens events in most weapons. Our medalists from this event were:

Michael Gett, 3rd Place Y12 Epee & 3rd Place Foil
Jared Knights, 3rd Place Y12 Foil
Tristan Johnson, 3rd Y14 Epee
Charlie Schuler, Bronze Y14 Foil
Ian Stasko, Bronze Y14 Saber
Paula Petersen, Bronze Y14 Foil

Congrats to our medalists and all our fencers who made it out, you make us proud! Also a huge thanks to our referees for getting the event knocked out in record time and to our concession stand volunteers for keeping everyone hydrated and fed!

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