Fencing for Furry Friends charity event, in conjunction with the Back To School Brawl!

This year CFA will be running a charity benefit for the local Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA, which is a no kill shelter. This benefit will run in conjunction with the annual tournament, with sponsored fencers collecting donations for the SPCA every time they score a touch! The details are below, and we will soon have the link for pledge forms available so that athletes can begin collecting sponsors!

Fencing for Furry Friends
August 24&25

What it is:
This is a charity event, taking place as part of the Back To School Brawl, will be hosted by Charlottesville Fencing Alliance to benefit the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA, which is a no kill shelter. In this event, fencers will find sponsors who will pledge X amount per touch that the fencer scores to benefit the SPCA.

How it works:
Each fencer who chooses to participate will ask a business or individual to pledge X number of dollars per touch scored by the fencer in the designated event. So for example, if you score a total of 25 touches in pools, and in your next two DE’s you score 15 and the 13, a pledge of $1 per touch would have donated $53.00 to the SPCA.

Based on our numbers from last year, assuming a pledge of $1.00 per touch, a donor is not likely to pledge over $100 per event, per fencer even if the fencer wins the tournament. An average figure for fencers who finish in the middle of their event will be around $40. These numbers assume $1 per touch, although more is certainly appreciated!

Why you should do it:
To save cute little puppies and kittens, while helping a very worthy cause right here in our community. Oh yeah, and whoever gathers the most money over the event will win a hand forged, folded steel katana. There is that too, but mostly for the kittens.

To download a flyer and/or pledge forms please please see the “Tournament” link on this site.

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